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All you need to know about Provençal grape varieties

12 March 2024

Mourvèdre, our region’s great red grape variety, excels when it has “its feet by the water and its head in the sun”. It takes its time to ripen, and is harvested at the very end of the season, in September. You can recognize it by its aromatic notes of black fruit: blackberry, blackcurrant, spices such […]

Caring for vines and people

12 March 2024

At the Domaine, we indulge our biodiversity. Taking care of the vines, and thus the health of our teams, has been part of our nature for over 30 years. Preserving water in our vineyards The vineyards around La Londe are 75% irrigated, taking advantage of the water supply from the Canal de Provence. Barbeiranne has […]

How to store and serve a rosé wine?

12 March 2024

Our wines are best enjoyed in the right conditions. Keeping and serving a rosé at the right temperature can make all the difference. How to store rosé wines? It all depends on the rosé! Some of our rosé wines are vinified to be supple, light, fresh and fruity. These rosés, mostly drunk in summer, are […]

What to drink with rosé wine?

12 March 2024

The explosion in the consumption of rosé wines over the last 15 years is also linked to the incredible choice of food and wine pairings they offer as soon as you sit down to eat, not to mention a gourmet aperitif! Here are a few ideas, inspired by our family dinners and the menu of […]

Our first Figuière cuvées

12 March 2024

Over more than 30 years, the cuvées of our family estate have evolved at our own pace, with a gentle touch. The names may have changed, but the Figuière style has remained. The “Vieilles Vignes” old vines cuvées were the ancestors of the Première cuvées, but the blends remain identical. Confidentielle, our cuvée star, was […]

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