From La Londe to the Massif des Maures

Between sky and sea, Figuière looks like paradise. Here, on 185 hectares, our vineyards are spread over three terroirs of Provence, as magnificent as they are complementary! From the schists of the Mediterranean coast to the clay-limestone soils of the central Var, all the nuances of the Massif des Maures shine through. Without reservation. No wonder that the 10 typical Provençal grape varieties flourish here...

Three terroirs, three expressions of Provence

Overlooking the Mediterranean by 15 meters, these vines could almost reach the sea. And yet… Some prefer to anchor themselves in the valley at the foot of the Southern flank of the Massif des Maures. Others hug the foothills, taking in the view of the îles d’Or. Their roots, however, are firmly anchored in sheets of quartz-veined schist soils.

In this vineyard of La Londe-les-Maures, the sun of Provence is everywhere. Strong and warm. It envelops our grapes and their charming companions: umbrella pines, cork oak, arbutus, wild lavender and eucalyptus. A gentle sea breeze refreshes them. In these parts, it’s never too cold or too hot. Our grape varieties thrive in these mild conditions. All in serenity.

Perched at an altitude of over 700 meters in the heart of the Massif des Maures, Clos Fanny lies just before the village on the slopes of a valley carved out by a stream: the Real Collobrier. Here, holm oaks, arbutus, rockrose and broom bush abound. Cooler, with more shade and more rainfall, the climate is very different from that of La Londe-les-Maures. And yet they share similar soils: quartz schists of the same ochre, tinged with velvety gray in the riverfront plots.

Cooler, without the benefit of the neighboring maritime influence, the same grape varieties express themselves in a completely different way. The texture of the wines evolves, becoming more concentrated. The reds become silky, the rosés fresh, the whites rounder. The imprint of the mountains!

You have to leave the commune to reach the Barbeiranne area. The vineyard is nestled in this valley, bordered to the south by the foothills of the Massif des Maures and to the north by the Montauds mountains. The scent of thyme, wild thyme, lavender, rosemary and rockrose is typical of the Var hinterland.

A singular microclimate cradles this natural cirque, sheltered from the force of the winds. Summer days and nights are warmer here than by the sea, and winters much harsher. The soils are a blend of hard, smoky-grey limestone, pink and yellow dolomitic layers, marl limestone and marl of the same color. A variegated geology that gives life to wines of character. The reds are powerful, ready to age. Rosés are beautifully textured. As for the whites, their roundness fills the mouth…

Grape varieties present on the Estate

Like an artist, the winegrower prepares his land and his juices with precision, harmonizing them according to his inspiration. Our estate boasts a dozen grape varieties with a strong Provençal flavour, a typicity to which we are very attached.


Although it thrives in the sunshine of the Var coast, it has a capricious and demanding character. It’s up to the winemaker to understand it, to reveal its aromas of spice, liquorice, wild berries and musk, and to soften its powerful structure in barrel.


Similar to Mourvèdre, it also likes to take its time in barrel to soften its character. Its aromas of violets and red fruit bend towards vanilla cigars and candied fruit.

Grenache noir

Sensitive to the elements of the weather during flowering, it demands attention. Even during vinification. It produces rich, warm, full-bodied juices that are perfectly balanced when blended.


Very elegant, fresh and surprisingly supple, this grape variety brings nuance and undeniable finesse to the wines it produces.


We love its opulence and nobility. With its powerful aromas of honey and dried fruit, in small proportions, it adds substance and fullness to blends.

Ugni blanc

Clear and lively, its juice expresses aromas of great finesse. Like Cinsault, it softens the opulence of certain grape varieties, such as Semillon, in blends.


The Combard family’s favorite. Straight from Sardinia, this grape is appreciated for its freshness and intense bouquet of pear, passion fruit and white flowers. Its structure and balance enable it to withstand barrel ageing.

Our wines

Each of our Provence terroirs has its own delicate nuances. To each of our Figuière wines, its expression of dazzling richness.

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