The Figuière Style

Bright and ethereal. Sleek and profound. A story of balance, as the only point of departure and arrival. Quite simply, our style!

Naturally inspired

The singular minerality of the schists of La Londe and Clos Fanny. The structure and tension of the clay-limestone soils of Barbeiranne. From the Mediterranean coast to the Massif des Maures, each terroir has its own voice, each its own character. But together, our vineyards respond and complement each other.

This is where the beauty of a fabulous technique, mastered in Provence, comes into play: the art of the blend. Guided by their convictions, François Combard and his team take pleasure in this process, to craft the best expression of our Provencal terroirs and grape varieties. An essential step, where precision and expertise are essential.

The result in our glasses: the unexpected. A silky, sophisticated elegance that flirts with the crispness of fruit. Fresh and refined on the palate, with shimmering crystalline nuances. Like a wave washing up on a beach, a saline, mineral finish prolongs the experience. A plunge into the heart of sun-drenched lands and a captivating art of living!

A commitment to three colors

Of course, Provence is famous for rosé. But that’s not all. Red and white wines have always held their own with us. Regardless of trends. These colors express themselves in harmony with our grape varieties. We’re naturally attached to them.

Their complementarity fascinates us. Both in the work they require in the cellar, and in the delight they bring to the table. A winemaker’s know-how, expert and complete, that arouses the curiosity of those thirsty for discovery.

We like to be pioneers! With 15% of our vineyards dedicated to white grape varieties, we are passionate about our white wines. A legacy of our Burgundian origins, no doubt! As for the reds, we respect their original expressions. Those of emblematic grape varieties, so remarkable: Mourvèdre and Syrah.

A collection of nuances

Our unique style is expressed with elegance and finesse. Its pure reflection? Première and its distinctive aromas, suitable for any occasion. The quintessence of the La Londe appellation, Confidentielle is the perfect choice for exceptional dining. And much more, as time goes by…

When it comes to simply enjoying good times, Figuière is there too! Vibrate with fresh, indulgent bubbles from Atmosphère. Get into the spirit of Provence with the lively Méditerranée. Just for the fun of it, with no pretension.

Driven by this cherished freedom, we like to smile broadly. Chiseling out special cuvées that are both inspired and inspiring. By shaking up the codes, Les Expérimentales rings in the hour of (re)creation with Pionnière and the exclusive Figure cuvées!

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