The winemaker's spirit

At Figuière, every one of our creations tells the story of our winemaking convictions and our contagious passion for the terroirs of Provence. The result? A sensorial poem to savor, an inspiring experience to share.

" "Living soils, natural harmony. The purity of our wines starts here. "

François Combard

Looking after living things: that’s the root of our work. By nurturing biodiversity, we allow the expression of our terroirs to shine through. By respecting it, we preserve the health of our teams, and unmistakable aromatic melodies without false notes.

Organic viticulture has been second nature to us since 1979. Our vineyards at La Londe and Barbeiranne in Pignans are Ecocert-certified. Our Collobrières terroir, acquired in 2023, follows in their footsteps: it will give life to organic wines from the 2025 vintage.

“Living soils, natural harmony. The purity of our wines starts here.

Quality grapes also mean pampered soils. And ours deserve the very best: organic fertilizers, compost, mulching of shredded prunings, grass coverings every other row… The same attentive care is lavished on our vines, with gentle pruning techniques that respect the flow of sap, manual pruning vine by vine, and green harvesting.

Of course, giving back to nature is a matter of course. Installation of 200 nesting boxes for bats and chickadees, rehabilitation of hedges and eco-pasturing: life is alive and well in our Provencal vineyards!

"More than being tasted, our wines are meant to be felt, shared and experienced! "

François Combard

In the cellar, François and his team craft authentic, singular cuvées. Their meticulous gestures illustrate every expression of the Massif des Maures, from the minerality of the seaside schists to the freshness of the clay-limestone soils of the central Var. A silgnature that combines a deep attachment to the emblematic Provençal grape varieties and the luminosity of the Mediterranean. A subtle symbiosis of precision and tension…

“More than being tasted, our wines are meant to be felt, shared and experienced!”

The character of our plots and the delicacy of our grapes are revealed without artifice: inputs are limited, wine-doctoring devices discarded (such as cold pre-fermentation maceration) and juices minimally manipulated, with only slight variations in temperature.

“Simplicity is the greatest sophistication.”

Let the elements work together naturally, guide fermentation gently, intervene as little as possible. These deliberately uncomplicated vinifications give rise to singularly complex nuances… In short, wines with a Figuière soul!

" As winemakers at heart, we're relentless in our quest for the perfect balance! "

François Combard

Our 185 hectares of vines are worked with meticulous precision, plot by plot, row by row, vine by vine, to offer the very best that Côtes-de-Provence has to offer.

Our teams know each parcel intimately. They capture the essence of each vineyard, with controlled care that’s always tailor-made: pruning, disbudding, trellising, green harvesting and perfecting the harvest at ideal maturity…

In the cellar, too, the smallest details count: pressings adapted to the grape varieties to respect the elegance of the berries, fermentation in tanks at 16 or 17 °C to allow a beautiful aromatic complexity to blossom, long maturation periods of several months in contact with fine lees to perfect each nuance… Essential choices to ensure that our grapes are transformed into harmonious wines, ready to measure themselves with ease against the hands of time!

“As winemakers at heart, we’re relentless in our quest for the perfect balance!”

When it comes to blending, the smallest touch can make all the difference. We then patiently sketch out the wines, with perfect respect for their identity. Drawing on a wide range of vats with multiple expressions, we complete, adjust and enrich. Grape variety by grape variety, plot by plot. We like to transcend the expected by letting our lees peacefully embrace our cuvées, for long months, beyond the norm. After all, time is our greatest accomplice in creativity…

And if some people call it fussy, we call it precision!

" Daring to reinvent ourselves to chisel out inspired artisan wines. "

François Combard

At Figuière, we like to draw our inspiration from nature to evolve our practices, explore new varieties and embrace climate change. Our case in point? A planned test planting for 2025 of more resistant rootstocks found by an Italian vine nurseryman in semi-desert regions of the United States. Or the forthcoming introduction of rare varieties such as Nero d’Avola, which does not fear water shortage, and the ancient Rousseli (Rosé du Var), with its captivating aromatic delicacy.

“Daring to reinvent ourselves to chisel out inspired artisan wines.”

By blending intuition and experience, we dare to pave new avenues, even if it means shaking up the codes! A pioneer in organic certification since 1979, our organic estate was also one of the first in Provence to plant grass with legumes and cereals in the rows, to work with compost, and to develop vermiculture with the help of INRA. A passionate taste for experimentation, which François shares with our vineyard manager Jean-Louis.

Constantly on the move, Figuière enthusiastically combines know-how and innovation. Our avant-garde approach to rosé, Pionnière, vinified like a great white, has become our hallmark. Our fine white wines, designed for unexpected gastronomic pairings, are exceptional. From orange wines to sulfur-free wines, our Figure range set the tone for daring cuvées. A real breath of (re)creativity!




A pioneer in Côtes de Provence, Figuière has been creating balanced, naturally elegant wines for over 30 years. A sincere ode to the generosity of our vineyards and the sensorial qualities of our terroirs.

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