The red wines of Provence

Like their white brothers, Provence reds seem almost insignificant in terms of volume produced; only 4%. And yet they know how to stand out... great wines blended from particularly Provençal grape varieties: Mourvèdre, Syrah and Grenache, often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon or Carignan.

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Confidentielle red

29,90  TTC à l’unité

Première red

18,25  TTC à l’unité

Méditerranée red

9,90  TTC à l’unité

Figure #2 red

13,30  TTC à l’unité

There are two families of red wines from Provence:

Those followed closely from the vine to the bottle to appreciate their youthful characteristics. They offer fruity notes, in turn red or black berries and stone fruit, supported by spicy aromas. Juicy "fruit bombs", supple and light, they can be found on our tables all year round, even slightly chilled in summer.

And then there are those red wines from Provence, renowned because they're rare! They rank among the great wines of Provence. They are crafted to offer both complexity and longevity. Complex, textured and structured, they tell the story of the vintage to which they belong. Known as "vins de gastronomie", they are the perfect accompaniment to the finest cuisine.

How should Provence red wines be served?

Once again, it all depends on the Provence red wine.

Fruity, juicy and crisp Provence reds should be served between 12°C and 14°C.

The more complex, great Provence reds should be served decanted between 14°C and 16°C.

How should red wines from Provence be served and what food should they be served with?

Traditionally, red wines, wherever they come from, are served with meat, whether grilled or simmered in a sauce. Provence red wines are more innovative when served with Mediterranean-style dishes:

  • Raw mackerel tartare with sundried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and chopped spring onions
  • Roast monkfish with bacon and thyme and rosemary butter
  • Anchoïade ‘our way’: seasonal raw vegetables cut into sticks and dipped in a reduction of salted anchovies and olive oil
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