Indication Géographie Protégée
Méditerranée or IGP Méditerranée

Formerly known as Vin de Pays de Méditerranée, the Mediterranean Protected Geographical Indication covers around ten departments in South-Eastern France, most of which are located on the Mediterranean coast, including Corsica and stretching up part of the Rhône valley.

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Méditerranée white

9,90  TTC à l’unité

Méditerranée rosé

9,90  TTC à l’unité

Méditerranée red

9,90  TTC à l’unité

These Mediterranean-influenced wines are 70% rosé, 15% red and 15% white. The specifications for the Méditerranée Protected Geographical Indication were recognised by decree in October 2011, following amendments to those for the Vins de Pays de Méditerranée, which were themselves recognised in 1999.

Indications Géographiques Protégées Méditerranée wines have often been considered to be "simple wines"! Produced from vines that are not classified as protected designations of origin and are required to produce high yields, some Indication Géographique Protégée Méditerranée wines are the result of a downgrading of a regional designation because they do not comply with its decree. In such cases, you will often be surprised by the originality of these cuvées, which are often off the beaten track, innovative in terms of the way they are grown, or the choice of grape varieties and blending rules.

At Figuière, the Méditerranée range is classified as an Indication Géographique Protégé Méditerranée. It is available in 3 colours. They are made from local grape varieties, the same as those used by their big brothers, the AOPs. These cuvées are the result of a négoce activity with long-term partners, with whom Figuière has worked for many years to supply the qualities and quantities required for this range of wines.  

With its good value for money and effective, contemporary packaging, Méditerranée is a range that appeals to younger consumers, who are likely to drink it on fun, festive occasions. Or for easy, family-style meals.

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