Naturally inspired

Let yourself be guided by these sun-drenched lands. Feel them to reveal them. Create off the beaten track, in the heart of nature. Doing your best and sharing it with others. How it should be. Provence as home. Its beauty as inspiration.

Natural harmony

Here, the sun sets the tone. The azure embraces the sea, embraces the horizon. An air of paradise caresses the landscape. Provence is our muse. She inspires our every gesture. Sincere, captivating.

To capture its beauty, we observe its handiwork. From its small miracles to its most subtle moods. We must respect the rustle of the vine, understand the rays of its light, smell the sweetness of its fragrances.

This is when our Mediterranean terroirs entrust us with their finest grapes. The very grapes that bring our wines to life. A clear symbiosis between nature and commitment. Unvarnished. With generosity.

Creative inspiration

Imagine. Explore. Experiment with simplicity and quality. Whether in the vineyard or the winery, we’re driven by a taste for spontaneity. Pioneers? Certainly. Free? Always!

We take the time to cultivate this nomadic art of living. And above all, to share it. Welcoming family, friends, locals and visitors from far and wide to the Domaine. Celebrating the essentials around a table in our L’Assiette restaurant. Creating good times. To vibrate.

The artists are also at home with us. The Figuière Festival celebrates live performance. The talents of an incubator of young creators illuminate our exhibitions and projects of all kinds. Graphics, sculpture, painting, design… It doesn’t matter what the art is, as long as we experience the emotions!

Our wines

Each of our Provence terroirs has its own delicate nuances. To each of our Figuière wines, its expression of dazzling richness.

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