Provence rosé wines

There are several styles of Provence rosé wine. Some Provence rosé wines are vinified to be supple, light, fresh and fruity. These rosé wines of Provence are mainly drunk in summer, in a convivial atmosphere, as they are above all "pleasurable" and festive wines. Provence rosé wines offer an aromatic expression of fruit, refreshing and crisp. Provence rosé wines should be drunk young from the vintage of that year. They can't wait!

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Confidentielle rosé

26,60  TTC à l’unité

Première rosé

15,75  TTC à l’unité

Méditerranée rosé

9,90  TTC à l’unité

Pionnière rosé

20,00  TTC à l’unité


19,00  TTC à l’unité

Signature François red

14,00  TTC à l’unité

Signature Valérie white

14,00  TTC à l’unité

Signature Magali rosé

14,00  TTC à l’unité

Provence rosé wines offer an aromatic expression of fruit, refreshing and crisp.

Other rosé wines from Provence are vinified like white wines, with the difference that they are made from red-skinned grapes. In this case, the same vinification techniques are used as for the great wines: plot-by-plot selections, low yields, press selections, ageing on lees or in barrels, etc. These rosé wines from Provence can age 3 or even 5 years, and why not more!

How should Provence rosé wines be served?

Once again, it all depends on the rosé wine.

Fruity, juicy, crisp Provence rosés should be served between 10°C and 12°C, but never ice-cold so as not to lose their aromatic expression.

The most complex, the great rosés of Provence, should be served like reds by taking them out of the cellar fifteen minutes before serving. Serve between 12°C and 14°C.

What cuisine (or dishes) to serve with Provence rosé wines?

The explosion in the consumption of rosé wines from Provence over the last 15 years is linked to the incredible choice of food and wine combinations they offer as soon as you sit down to eat, or pair as a gourmet aperitif!

Serve Provence rosé wines as an aperitif or with friends!

  • On a fresh baguette, generously buttered, with fresh fava beans and fleur de sel

  • Pan-fried clams, with a sprig of parsley and a squeeze of lemon (avoid the garlic)

  • Salmon gravelax with dill

  • Anchoïade ‘our way’: seasonal raw vegetables cut into sticks and served in a reduction of salted anchovies and olive oil

How should Provence rosé wines be served and what food should they be served with?

  • With seafood and shellfish: raw, marinated, sautéed, swimming, grilled, poached… Scallops, red or pink prawns, gambas, langoustines, sea urchins…

  • With raw fish as sushi, sashimi, ceviche or tartare

  • With fish grilled over a gentle flame, a la plancha, on one side or on a brazier

  • With white meats such as poultry of all kinds, veal, lamb, etc. roasted in a casserole or in the oven in their own juices

  • With spicy dishes such as tagines, tandoori or curries

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