Pionnière rosé

When rosé wine is compared to a gastronomic “Grand Blanc” wine, between citrus notes, creamy touches and woody nuances. More than a wine: an alchemy!

20,00  TTC à l’unité


Grenache, Mourvèdre





Between 8 and 10°


7 years


La Londe grey micaceous schists, ranging from ochre to red, with a laminated appearance veined with white quartz. Under maritime influence.


A dry winter. A wet, cold Spring. A spell of
frost in April. But a hot, dry Summer, with
major wildfires on the Maures plain and
even a few hail storms in August… a far
from relaxing year!
Atypical harvests, with the grape varieties
often in a different order of ripeness. A
stressful year for nature!


Both grape varieties are harvested and vinified
individually. Harvest is carried out according to
rather technical criterial. Totally destemmed.
Harvested grapes are chilled before they are
pressed by vacuum press. Selection of free-run
and first juices. Cold settling (15° C constant).
Start of fermentation in tanks for 2 days. Then
the musts are put separately into oak barrels of
different ages, with different capacities.
Thermal regulation of alcoholic fermentation
(17°C) for 10 days. Racking after alcoholic
fermentation and then maturing in barrels for 5
months with a light manual and regular stirring
for 4 months. Blended at the end of February,
treatment by the natural cold temperatures
against tartaric precipitations, then filtration.
Bottled in mid-March.

When rosé wine is compared to a gastronomic "Grand Blanc" wine, between citrus notes, creamy touches and woody nuances. More than a wine: an alchemy!


Beautiful in its intense deep melon pink colour


The color suggests an expressive, gourmet nose. It develops very warm, appetizing base notes of vanilla and caramel, as well as very fresh scents of garrigue, eucalyptus and citrus.


The palate is full-bodied, round and supple, with a smooth consistency and a fresh finish of light, well-controlled wood tannins. Enticing aromas of vanilla crepe batter and candied citrus linger for a long time, to the delight of the taste buds.


Like a creamy texture on the palate!


A sumptuous dinner for gourmets. Flavors enchant, senses surprise. Off the beaten track, in the moment. Again and again.


With white meats such as chicken with morel mushrooms. With a hot starter such as savoury crêpes en Aumonière with wild mushrooms

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